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Terms of Business

1. Shipping costs

You can find the shipping costs for the most countries we ship to on our website. If you order multiple products, we only bill one (the highest) shipping charge, they are not summed up! Consequently, the shipping costs always stay in a manageable limit.

As the shipping costs to some countries are very high, we reserve the right to bill you the actual costs and not only the stated lump sum. But in such cases, we will organise a consultation with you first.

2. Reclamations

If the package shows external damages at the time of delivery, you should refuse the acceptance in addition to an information to the mailman (please note down the deliverer´s name). If a damaged or a wrong delivery is only discovered after you have opened the package, please contact us before you send the product(s) back.

3. Prices

The stated prices are to be taken as "final prices" and already include the legally regulated purchase tax (this purchase averages 19% for most of the products and 7% for particular products). In case of deliveries to countries that don´t belong to the European Union, these prices are considered as net-prices. In special circumstances, you also have to pay the purchase tax of the particular country.

4. Retention of title

Until the moment of complete payment of all outstanding debts, the delivered goods remain property of SUTTER GmbH.

5. Mode of contract

Oral agreements are not valid. All arrangements have to be in written form. (E-Mail-communication is one kind of the written form).

6. Retention in cases of errors

We reserve the right to make mistakes (errors concerning data base or structure).

7. Data protection

We assure that the reglements of the federal data protection law and other usual legal norms are strictly observed concerning enquiry, treatment and utilisation of the purchasers´ personal data.

8. Liability & copyright

We assume no liability for the content of websites we do link to.

All content of our website is copyrighted and not allowed to be copied, modified or distributed without our allowance.

9. Content´s legally bindings

In this online-shop, only the German contents are legally binding. The contents in other languages are partially translations that were created by an automatic translation system. We assume no liability for mistakes in these translations.

10. Applicable law

German law is the basis of our terms of business. The court of jurisdiction is St. Wendel.

11. Severability clause

Even if some of the articles in these terms of business should turn out to be wrong, the remaining articles remain valid.

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